Fred T. Lizer - Terra A

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Product Overview

FRED T. LIZER basic fertilizers are a new complete, concentrated and super-efficient alternative for the fertilization of your crops. With proprietary technologies 'TNT' and 'Long Lasting pH', FRED T. LIZER promotes a stable pH and the absorption of nutrients and water as well as their transport in the vascular network of plants, thus stimulating the cycle of Szent-Gyorgyi and Krebs.

Competitive advantages :


1: Simple and economical way of use, proven performance.


2: The minerals used for the manufacture of this fertilizer are of medical grade, their assimilation rate is higher and it can be used in hard water (Ex: surface sink, lake water, etc.).


3: In normal use, the pH of the solutions is automatically adjusted between 5.8 and 6.4 and remains stable. No need to adjust or readjust, this exclusive technology increases ease of use and crop yield. (For crops with hard water, recheck the pH.The quality of the nutrients will never be affected but the pH buffering capacity of the product may be decreased).



(No reviews yet) Write a Review