Fred T. Lizer - Roots & Rhizo

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Product Overview

Type: Organic and Mineral

Technology: MATH and NHAT

With its perfect ratio of auxin and cytokine, and equipped with 'Natural Hormones Activator' and 'MATH' technologies, FRED T. LIZER's Roots & Rhizo is the most concentrated and high performing rooting fertilizer. The growth of roots and rhizomes will be accelerated, increased, healthy and balanced, allowing each plant to reach its full yield potential.

Competitive advantages :


1: 3 times more concentrated than its competitors. (Application rate of only 1ml per 10L of water)


2: In addition to containing organic acid complexes and indole butyric acid, Fred T. Lizer's Roots & Rhizo contains all the minerals needed for root development, nothing to add!


3: The minerals used for the manufacture of this fertilizer are medical grade, their assimilation rates is higher than any competing products.


4: Manufactures cuttings 15% to 30% faster than competing products and offers a higher success rate.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review