Fred T. Lizer - Elemental

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Product Overview

Contains the benefits of 20 nutrients, 10 vitamins, 5 species of microorganisms essential for chromosome formation. Elemantal is a must for the development of cells, which are all the tissues of plants (roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits). It acts as a natural catalyst for your fertilizers by maintaining the active ecosystem of the substrate of your choice (hydro, earth, coconut).

Competitive advantages :


1: This product is a combination of several products based on micro-organisms (Mycorrhizae, Penicillium, etc.), organic acids or vitamin complex.


2: Contains the microorganisms and organic acids necessary for the cultures.


3: The minerals and vitamins used for the manufacture of this fertilizer are of medical grade.


4: Applies in all crop types (Hydro, Coco, Earth).


5: Increases yields and reduces disease incidence (Virus and fungal).



(No reviews yet) Write a Review