Fred T. Lizer - Boost T. Lizer

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Type: Organic

Technology: BioCycle

Made from ascophyllum nodosum, laminaria digitata and yucca, and prepared using an exclusive maceration / fermentation method, FRED T. LIZER's Boost-t-lizer gives your plants the best seaweed in their best form. preserved and most assimilable. Boost-t-lizer provides your plants with the 20 amino acids that are essential for building up chromosomes and is an important source of natural growth hormones.

Competitive advantages:


1: Combo of several sugar and carbon products, natural growth stimulants and natural immunotherapy products.


2: Contains natural hormones, a natural antibiotic and a natural growth stimulant to increase crop yield


3: Brings all the carbohydrates and the carbon needed to build plant cells.


4: Provides the 20 amino acids in a natural way and in the form 'L'.


5: Increases the size and weight of crops and reduces the incidence and extent of fungal diseases.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review